What is Designer Laser Vaginoplasty?

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty (DLV) is the aesthetic surgical enhancement of the vulvar structures, labia majora, pubis, perineum, vaginal entrance and hymen (see image).

Vaginoplasty has provided creative treatment solutions to patients from more than 50 states and 30 countries.
This vast experience and creative expertise enables us to design operations with aesthetic criteria that simultaneously respond to the individual requirements and wishes of the patient.
Many have asked us to give them an example of an aesthetically appealing vulva.
We asked our patients and the answer we got was: Playboy models.

What are the techniques used for vulvoplasty?

Although our experience makes us able to design almost anything if requested, the most common DLV procedures we perform are as follows:

Laser reduction lipoplasty

Sculpting of elongated or uneven labia minora (inner lips) according to the patient’s requirements. Most women confess that they do not want the labia minora to protrude beyond the labia majora.
Many women bring Playboy magazines with them, saying they want to get the look of the models. With laser lipoplasty we can fulfill every woman’s wishes.
Labiaplasty techniques are also used to repair cases due to the aging process, childbirth, wounds or injuries.

Laser reduction labiaplasty with foreskin reduction

It offers a genuine playboy model aesthetic effect. Women have told us that they want the skin to elegantly surround the clitoris. The reduction of excess foreskin provides the desired aesthetic enhancement of the clitoral skin.
In most cases of women who choose reduction labiaplasty, a reduction of the foreskin is required to achieve a complete aesthetic result.

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Laser perineoplasty

For the regeneration of the perineum that shows relaxation or aging. With this operation, it is also used to restore laxity of the labia majora (outer lips) and labia minora.
Overall, the procedure provides a youthful and elegant appearance to the vulva.

Augmentative lipoplasty

It offers aesthetic enhancement and a youthful appearance of the labia majora through autologous graft transplantation (removing fat from the patient through liposculpture and transplanting it to the labia majora).

Vulvar lipoplasty

For the removal of unwanted fat from the pubic and upper parts of the labia majora. Through liposculpture, smoothing of unsightly fat protrusions in the area can be achieved, to create an elegant contour.

Combination of DLV & LVR

LVR and DLV procedures can be performed together. They can also be performed in conjunction with most surgeries, including many popular ones such as liposuction, breast implants, breast reduction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery.
Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen). To restore the hymen as if nothing had ever happened.
The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute understands the needs of women from every culture who demonstrate sensitivity to these issues due to cultural, social or religious reasons.