The anatomy of the female vagina

The female vagina is a complex organ that includes the smooth functioning of the female reproductive, urinary and gastrointestinal systems.  It is covered by cylindrical epithelial cells in its largest part, while only in its last and outer part, as in the vulva, it has squamous covering epithelium, which resembles the skin.

Problems encountered in a female vagina

With the time lapse for a woman, vaginal delivery and also menopause with the hormonal deficiencies it brings, creates trophic and anatomical changes in the female vagina, which become on the one hand visible but more felt by the patients in their daily life, in the functioning of the vagina and in achieving sexual intercourse, altering its quality.

Laser treatments to improve & treat vaginal  problems

These changes and ailments are improved or cured with the use of erbium laser vaginal tightening in the doctor’s office, without the need for surgery, painlessly, in 2-3 sessions.

Especially vaginal delivery, with the expansion and rupture of the vaginal walls during the exit of the fetus and selective episiotomy (section of the perineum and muscles during expulsion) create relaxation of the tissues and muscles of the vagina and a reduced sense of fullness during  the sex.

Specialized treatments in cases of severe vaginal relaxation

In some cases, the initial changes worsen over time and result in heavier relaxation and herniation (cystocele, rectocele and prolapse of the uterus) accompanied by stress urinary incontinence (with the increase in intra-abdominal pressure).  These cases, which usually involve older women, genetically burdened and several years after giving birth, often in the climacteric or menopause, most often require surgical treatment.

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The LVR, TVR and DLV techniques

The techniques of LVR and TVR (total vaginal reconstruction) are the pinnacle of the modern and non-traumatic treatment of a large degree of prolapse and hernia, they often include the use of meshes (TVT in incontinence and meshes for prolapse) are performed using a surgical CO2 laser and are described  in detail on the site along with some cosmetic surgeries of the vulva (DLV).

But the most important part of vaginal dysfunction and relaxation concerns young women, of reproductive age, after childbirth and with a clear social and emotional necessity to enjoy a proper and efficient sexual act.  Vaginal relaxation is often accompanied by urinary incontinence that is severe after vaginal delivery and occasionally  even after CS, improves later, but is a sign of permanent and more severe incontinence a few years later, which may even require surgery.

Erbium Laser Vaginal Tightening

Erbium laser vaginal tightening is a modern, innovative and painless treatment with great efficiency and spectacular results, both immediately and in the distant future.  It practically stops the worsening of the relaxation and impending hernia and gives the female vagina the muscle tone and functional vigor that childbirth and time have deprived it.

Combination with other laser treatments

It can be beautifully combined with incontinence laser (when required) and be a weapon for revitalizing the vagina after childbirth and improving the quality of sexual intercourse and emotional reconnection of the couple, especially with the burden that pregnancy, cesarean delivery and  motherhood in general.

Efficacy of erbium laser vaginal  tightening

The erbium laser vaginal tightening methodology is extremely simple and efficient.  The high wavelength (2940 nm) and low frequency of erbium (ν =1/T) allow it to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis, under the epithelial cells (200-250μm) without destroying them and causing pain in  its application.  The target cells of the laser are the fibroblasts, i.e. the skin cells that produce collagen and elastin.  The activation of fibroblasts and the simultaneous reconstruction of the elastic network of the vaginal parenchyma results in the tightening of the vagina.

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Erbium laser tightening treatments are very simple, last about 15-20 minutes, completely painless, without complications with local bleeding and very effective.  Depending on the data, conditions and requirements of each woman, the tightening protocol usually requires 2-3 treatments with a gap of 3-4 weeks between them.

Advantages of erbium laser

Erbium technology has significant advantages over CO2 laser tightening machines, which are more common on the market and cheaper to implement.  This is because the quality and depth of application of the erbium laser radiation, makes it painless because it does not burn the surface but warms the deeper layers of the tissues, with the absence of surface damage and bleeding during application and clearly with better and substantial tightening results, due to the extensive collagenogenesis which causes .

Specialized Treatments at Forever Laser Clinic

At the Forever Laser Clinic, vaginal tightening along with other revitalization and functional improvement treatments are treated as a complex and multifaceted entity that improves the anatomy, function and psychology of women – both young and older.  Because the timing and damage of childbirth are corrected if the woman acts in time and the staff of specialist doctors informs her and helps her to recover.  For this reason, we combine in our clinic the specialties of gynecology, dermatology, plastic surgery and dietetics, along with all modern laser and beauty treatments.

Especially the new section of our clinic, which examines the improvement and correction of damages after childbirth (complete mom makeover), combines departments from all specialties and treatments and aims at a comprehensive assessment and correction of the damages of pregnancy and childbirth, both  in the vagina as well as in the rest of the woman’s body, aiming at the aesthetic improvement but also the psychological upliftment and support of women in this very precious and sensitive period of their lives.

Written by Konstantinos Myrillas, 

Obstetrician Surgeon Gynecologist & Founder of the cosmetic gynecology department of Forever Laser Clinic.